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ankle ugg boots on sale with free shipping. QUESTION: Hi. I am repairing around a window which has had some water damage on the inside. Upon removing the caulking from the outside trim, I decided to add a couple of extra nails to insure the trim was secure. Pounding the nails in shook the wall and brought down quite a lot of fine "sand" onto the window sill. I went to get a magnifying glass and found this was not sand at all, but little tiny egg looking things. The end of each "egg" was dark, and there were little stripes running lenghtwise. They were dark brown and light brown in color. Do you suppose these are abandoned ant ugg boots on sale perth eggs from a nest? I am attaching a copy of the pic I just took. Note: There is sanding dust mixed with the "eggs" where I had been repairing the sheetrock. I hope you can enlighten me as to what I have in my wall!! Thank you! QUESTION: Wow, thanks so much for getting back so quickly! We do live in the "red"! Modesto CA, to be exact. womens ugg snow boots on sale I am wondering why fecial matter would be striped, though. They seem to resemble a seed or an egg. Maybe I'm just not wanting to face this possibility. ugg! ANSWER: That was fast! Drywood termites have ridges on the fecal pellets. This is one way they are detected because they rarely leave the nest. At this point I think you have to at least suspect that you've uncovered drywood termite damage, that could be old and inactive or new and still active. You'll have to decide how much excavation you want to do but I'd definitely try to expose the area where this material came from to see what's there.?Entra en vigor en Rusia la ley que proh Mosc La ley rusa que prohbe a los ciudadanos de Estados Unidos adoptar a nios rusos, aprobada en represalia por la decisin estadounidense de sancionar a funcionarios de Rusia responsables ugg boots on sale for black friday de graves violaciones uk ugg ugg like boots on sale boots on sale reviews a los derechos humanos, entr hoy oficialmente en vigor. christian louboutin pumps on sale men christian louboutin sale cheap christian louboutin on sale christian louboutins for sale
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